What We Do

Neighborhood Beautification

Thriving and attractive neighborhoods offer more than friendly people and good building stock. Public parks, clean streets, community gardens, and other green spaces contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by ONSL’s residents.

Community Gardens
With eight community gardens throughout the neighborhood, Old North residents and visitors alike don’t have to look very far to find living testaments to the neighborhood’s commitment to revitalization.  As with any living thing, gardens take time, patience, and dedication.  Our Green Space Committee is a dedicated group always looking for more volunteers to help with the upkeep of these community gardens. The gardens are located at (1) Hebert & Blair, (2) Wright & Blair (Wingmann Park ), (3) St. Louis Avenue & N. 11th Street (the Butterfly Garden), (4) St. Louis Avenue & N. 13th Street, (5) St. Louis Avenue & Blair, (6) the 13th Street Community Garden (2700 block of N. 13th Street), (7) along the tree lawn of the 1900 block of Palm, and (8) at N. Florissant & North Market. For more information or to volunteer, contact the ONSLRG office at 314-241-5031 or info@onsl.org.

“Brightside”  and other Neighborhood-wide Clean-up Days
All year long, ONSL residents and various volunteers from outside the neighborhood take to the streets, vacant lots, gardens, and parks armed with rakes, shovels, trash bags, and assorted other gardening tools. With support from the City’s “Brightside St. Louis” beautification program and Community Development Administration, Gateway Greening, and other groups, the neighborhood-wide cleanings provide an opportunity for neighbors to work side-by-side in sprucing up Old North. Contact us if you are interested in helping out with neighborhood beautification in Old North.



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