What We Do

Historic Preservation

Old North is committed to preserving and building upon the unique and irreplaceable features that have shaped its character and identity. By advocating for the preservation of Old North’s architecturally and historically significant buildings, and occasionally facilitating the development of these properties, ONSLRG is fueling the current revitalization that will ensure the neighborhood’s future viability.

Mullanphy Emigrant Home
Twice hit by tornado strength straight line or micro-burst winds which led to major wall collapses in 2006 and 2007, the 1867 Mullanphy Emigrant Home was included on both the Landmarks Association “Most Endangered” list and Missouri Preservation’s list of the “Most Endangered Historic Places in the State of Missouri” until ONSLRG mobilized community support to repair the damage and preserve the building for future development. For more on this project, click HERE to view the Mullanphy Emigrant Home page.

Acquisition and Stabilization
The Old North St. Louis neighborhood is home to three separate historic districts included in the National Register of Historic Places. Among other benefits, this status makes it possible for developers and individual homeowners to use historic preservation tax credits to make their rehab projects more feasible. To ensure continuation of this incentive, to enhance the quality of life for neighbors, and to preserve the unique character of the community, ONSLRG intervenes to acquire and stabilize vacant and endangered buildings when funding allows. In the past few years, ONSLRG and its development partners have transformed dilapidated and crumbling eyesores into attractive, historically rehabbed properties that are providing high-quality housing for more than 100 families.

Our current building stabilization project is taking place at 1316 North Market.



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