About Us

ONSLRG Standing Committees

Fundraising & Resource Development Committee
Mission: To plan and implement events and projects to generate the resources necessary to accomplish the goals of the organization and develop the relationships needed to provide those resources, revising them as necessary in view of our recent growth and our increasing attention to physical development efforts.

Marketing Committee
Mission: To plan and implement events and projects which promote ONSL as a neighborhood of diverse, good neighbors, and increase awareness of the amenities and opportunities available in ONSL.

Green Space Committee
Mission: To implement events and projects which result improve the appearance and safety of ONSL, including vacant lot clean-ups, cultivation and maintenance of community gardens and, facilitation of crime prevention efforts.

Real Estate Committee
Mission: To oversee the implementation of ONSLRG’s 3-Year Plan.  The goal of all the activities is to develop a variety of homeownership opportunities through rehab and new construction, to increase the capacity of the organization to bring together property developers and city government for real estate development and to make the area more attractive to investors.

Social Outreach Committee
Mission: To develop a set of concrete action steps which ONSLRG can take to assure that we are collaborating appropriately with other groups in this and surrounding neighborhoods; that we are growing in our understanding of and appreciation for the variety of people and programs within our boundaries; that we can make effective referrals when residents come to us in need; and that we engage and involve diverse community residents in the mission and activities of ONSLRG.

For additional information on a particular committee, please contact Jane Smith or call the Old North office at 314-241-5031



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