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About ONSL Restoration Group

The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group is a community-based nonprofit organization established by neighborhood residents in 1981 to revitalize the physical and social dimensions of the community in a manner that respects its historic, cultural, and urban character.  The Restoration Group has evolved from humble beginnings as an all-volunteer organization to an award-winning, effective community development corporation with a professional staff and a broad range of community-building activities.

With a commitment to a comprehensive community revitalization that will meet the needs of current residents and transform the neighborhood into a dynamic urban village, ONSLRG:

Has initiated home-building partnerships with the Regional Housing & Community Development Alliance to rehabilitate historic buildings to provide rental and for-sale housing and build new, market-rate and affordable homes that blend in with their historic surroundings;

  • Intervenes to preserve endangered historic buildings through the purchase and marketing of properties to buyers with the commitment and capacity to carry out rehabilitation projects:
  • Coordinates beautification efforts that include volunteer clean-ups of vacant lots, establishing community gardens, planning for park improvements, and routine maintenance of nearly 100,000 square feet of greenspace throughout Old North St. Louis;
  • Sponsors community-building events and celebrations, such as pot-luck suppers, the annual House Tour in the spring, National Night Out and outdoor movie nights in the summer, and a street festival in the fall.
  • Hosts the Old North St. Louis Community History Museum at the Restoration Group office, which displays historic artifacts from the neighborhood, some discovered in attics of neighborhood residents and through archaeological digs; the history museum, a documentary video/DVD about the neighborhood, a history trail brochure, an oral history project, and the book, From Village to Neighborhood: A History of Old North St. Louis, represent a range of activities documenting and presenting the rich history of Old North St. Louis that are the results of a multi-year partnership with the University of Missouri-St. Louis;
  • Has partnered with other organizations, such as UMSL, the Catholic Commission on Housing, and Sustainable Neighborhoods to provide home improvement loans, home repair and maintenance seminars, and financial literacy classes to help economically disadvantaged residents stay in their homes in the neighborhood.

To learn about our recent accomplishments and the current projects and initiatives we're working on, click on the most recent newsletter, in the right column.  For more information, please contact us.

The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group is funded through donations from members and organizations that share our love of the city and the Old North community in general.

As a community-based, not-for-profit organization, ONSLRG strives to comply with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability.

Please note that our 2014 Annual Report and IRS 990 tax filings form will be available on this website soon. 





Our mission is to revitalize the physical and social dimensions of the Old North St. Louis neighborhood in a manner that respects the community's historic, cultural, and urban character.  If you think you might be interested in getting involved or learning more about Old North St. Louis, please contact us.

On Dec. 1, 2011, EPA's Office of Sustainable Communities announced that Old North St. Louis Restoration Group was the winner of their 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.  For details about this great recognition, click on the links below.

To learn more about our plans for continuing the work of revitalizing the physical and social dimensions of the Old North neighborhood - and to identify how you might fit into these initiatives, click on the link below to view our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.


The Old North St. Louis restoration group services the Old North St. Louis area, which is on the city's north side and is bordered by I-70 to the east, N. Florissant to the west, Branch St. to the north and Cass Avenue to the south. 

ONSL Service area
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