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Friday, October 17, 2014

Join us THIS Sat., Oct. 18 for North City Farmers’ Market’s End of Season Harvest Fest Celebration!

Saturday, October 18 will be the last day of North City Farmers’ Market’s 2014 season - so, that means it’s time to celebrate.  Please join us for all of the activities - or as much of it as you can during the market hours from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

As we’ve done for the past 8 seasons, we’re planning a lot of extra activities and fun to ensure that a good time will be had by all at our annual Harvest Fest.

We'll all be jumping for joy at the North City Farmers' Market Harvest Fest!

We'll all be jumping for joy at the North City Farmers' Market Harvest Fest!

On top of our usual fresh produce and local artisans, we’ll have face painting, live music and a dance troupe, a pumpkin painting contest, costume contest, kettle corn, and more! La Mancha Coffeehouse will also be handing out caramel apples and selling their delicious hot apple cider.

Please join us - and feel free to bring the whole family - and invite all of your neighbors, as well!  We’re looking forward to seeing you between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the 2700 block of N. 14th Street.

For more information, be sure to visit the North City Farmers’ Market Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Helpful Tips for Saving Energy, Saving Money, & Saving the Planet at ONSLRG’s Energy Conservation Workshop

Stay tuned for some good information from Old North St. Louis Restoration Group’s Energy Conservation Workshop held on October 7.

Among the presenters were Richard Reilly of Missouri Botanical Garden’s Earthways Center, who offered good introductory overview and practical information on the value of making energy efficiency improvements to your home.

Click HERE or on the image below to view a PDF version of Richard’s presentation.

We also will post a copy of the presentation made by Crystal Howard of the Metropolitan Sewer District. Watch for that to be uploaded and available for viewing soon.

Thank you to our panel of neighborhood residents who’ve installed energy-saving improvements at their homes, John Thro, James Cox, and Tom Bratkowski. These residents discussed their experiences and lessons from installing solar panels, geothermal, and white roofs.

Other presenters included Clarence Hanks of Laclede Gas, Tony Johnson, an energy auditor from the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis.

Thanks to the generosity of Ameren Missouri - and the connection made by Sal Martinez, Executive Director of Community Renewal & Development - all attendees were able to go home with free boxes of Energy Star certified, compact fluorescent light bulbs.

A portion of Old North St. Louis Restoration Group’s programming, including this workshop, has been funded in part with Community Development Block Grant funds from the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, made possible by the City of St. Louis Community Development Administration.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Old North Walking Club Ends 2014 Season with a “Walk to the Trestle”

On Sept. 28, Old North St. Louis Restoration Group celebrated the conclusion of the inaugural season of the Old North Walking Club with a Walk to the Trestle.  The Trestle is a 1.5 mile abandoned railroad alignment purchased by Great Rivers Greenway and planned for future development as a “Rails to Trails” paved and landscaped bike and walking path.

The Trestle will connect the Riverfront Trail to the southeastern corner of Old North, as the Trestle touches down near the intersection of Howard and Hadley.

As it crosses over Interstate 70, the Trestle offers phenomenal views of downtown St. Louis, the Mississippi River, the North Broadway commercial corridor, Produce Row, the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, and Old North.

The Old North Walking Club and a few new friends met at the ONSLRG office on N. 14th Street and made the 0.8 mile trek to The Trestle, where the participants could enjoy spectacular views and and refreshing and delicious treats at a picnic on the Trestle.  A total of 55 people took part on the walk and picnic.

At the Hadley Street “trailhead” of the Trestle, Todd Antoine of Great Rivers Greenway met the group to provide a brief orientation on what The Trestle’s neighbors would be able to see.

On the Trestle, Todd showed how The Trestle fits into the broader plans for a regional, connected greenway.

Other display boards showed renderings of what the Trestle will look like when completed.

After looking at the plans and renderings of what will be coming to the Trestle, the Old North residents and friends got to go explore what the Trestle looks like today, while taking in the incredible views.

The tour of the Trestle concluded with a one-of-a-kind picnic with neighbors…

After the fun on the Trestle, the group enjoyed a leisurely walk back to the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group office, past many of the neighborhood’s amenities, including Jackson Park (above) and the tree-lined streets of architecturally significant homes (below).

Thank you to Great Rivers Greenway for providing financial support to make it possible for Old North St. Louis Restoration Group to host the Old North Walking Club this past summer.  For more about GRG, click HERE.

With this support, the Old North Walking Club went out for 28 separate group walks with 60 different individuals participating.  The walks averaged 9.42 people participating per week on walks.   If we add up every individual’s walking time and distance, our walking club collectively walked 456 miles (equivalent to walking from St. Louis to Detroit) and for 283 hours (almost 12 days straight of walking!)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Saturday Will Soon Be Here…Have You Rounded Up All Your Friends to Attend the Southeast by Old North Benefit Concert Yet?

We’re counting down the hours to the big Southeast by Old North North Benefit Concert featuring 4 separate musical acts THIS SATURDAY, Sept. 27 at Plush, 3224 Locust. If you haven’t reserved your tickets yet - don’t worry! - you still can get tickets online by clicking HERE to buy your tickets via TicketFly for just $15… or, you’ll still be able to purchase your tickets at the door Saturday night, for just $15.

Whether you’re a resident of Old North, a friend of the community, an advocate of historic preservation, a promoter of healthy communities, a fan of one of the bands, or just someone who wants to spend the evening listening to great music at a cool venue with a crowd of friendly, community-minded characters, the Southeast by Old North Benefit Concert for Old North St. Louis Restoration Group will be the place to be on Saturday evening.  The doors open at 7 p.m.

Earlier this week we provided a bit of background on one of the bands, Five Eight (click HERE to see that), and we’ll provide more detail about all of the bands and musicians below.  BUT, please note that this event is more than a rocking night of good music.  Since the whole event was pulled together by ONSLRG Board member Doug Rasmussen to be a fundraiser for ONSLRG, the ticket revenue will support ONSLRG’s neighborhood-wide revitalization work - AND there will be other ways of providing support that night.  One of the highlights will be a raffle for many fantastic prizes, including a gift basket (shown below) from Bissinger’s, which recently moved into space on North Broadway.

Other raffle prizes include a variety of items from Crown Candy Kitchen, CDs and other products from Euclid Records and tickets to a concert at the Pageant, tickets to the St. Louis Rams’ Oct. 13th Monday Night Football game, a growler and gift certificate from Morgan Street Brewery, a night’s stay at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel, a gift certificate for the Fountain on Locust… and more.

If the music and the company of friends and other cool people isn’t enough reason to attend, come on out to support ONSLRG’s work AND get a chance to get some great stuff.

PLUS, hanging out with some great people is a good way to spend a Saturday night!

But, if you like music, that should be a compelling enough reason to attend.  To get a feel for the sounds of these musicians, click on the links below to listen to a selection from each.

Hannah Aldridge…

Corvus & Canis…

The Pauses…

and, Five Eight…

Saturday night you’ll have a rare opportunity to see and hear all of them live on stage at Plush!  With that much talent all performing on the same stage in the same night, the $15 ticket price is one of the best entertainment deals in town.  You might as well get several tickets and treat all of your friends to a great night out for a great cause!  Click HERE to buy the tickets online - or come on out Saturday night and pay at the door.

And, as noted in the previous posts, if you just can’t make it to the concert Saturday but you still want to support Old North St. Louis Restoration Group, just click on the image below to make a secure, tax-deductible contribution right now.  Thank you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Days to Go Until Southeast by Old North Benefit Concert for ONSLRG; Get Your Tickets Now!

Old North St. Louis Restoration Group has been able to pursue a comprehensive, neighborhood-wide revitalization over the past 33 years because Old North residents have put in countless hours of time, personal initiative, hard work and creativity, AND because friends of the community have pitched in their time, expertise, and dollars to support the community-based efforts.  Now is one of those times when outside dollars are needed to continue this good work, and this coming Saturday, September 27, will be a great opportunity for the friends of Old North to contribute to this worthy cause.

On Saturday night at 7 p.m., the doors at Plush (3224 Locust - 1 block west of Compton) will open for the Southeast by Old North Benefit Concert, with the proceeds going to support the work of Old North St. Louis Restoration Group (ONSLRG).  Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased right now from TicketFly by clicking HERE.  The concert will feature four different bands and musicians from the Southeast or with Southeastern connections: Corvus & Canis from Columbus, Georgia; the Pauses of Orlando, Florida; Hannah Aldridge, originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, now working from Nashville, Tennessee; and Five Eight of Athens, Georgia.

To help you get up to speed on the groups and musicians who’ll be performing, we’ll provide a bit of information about each group over the next few days, and we’ll even toss in a few reasons why ONSLRG is worthy of your support.

Today, we’ll start with FIVE EIGHT, the concert’s headline act.

When asked why they would travel from the Southeast to play a show for Old North - and what song of theirs represents Old North, Five Eight’s lead singer Mike Mantione offered the following response (along with a link to the song I’m Still Around:

One of the things that links us with the old North is the fact that as a band we’ve always been concerned with the spirit of place. The reason Dan and I moved to Athens, GA in 1987 was to find a supportive local community with a thriving music scene (and to get our gear back our old band leader and keyboard player had stuffed in a hertz box truck and driven down to Athens) we were escaping the urban blight of Binghamton, NY. As a project manager for a local builder I have been involved in helping the local non profit Athens Land-Trust build affordable, earth craft certified homes and I am familiar with the struggle that communities face when trying to have a thriving diverse city/ community that also supports the arts the way the old north continues to do. So often there is a hole in the communities and cities we live in. We see it in the abandon buildings and store fronts, we feel it living in the shadows of what once was, and in these shadows, people can sense this loss.

Standing in stark contrast to that that loss is the Old North. By banding together people, businesses, local leaders, and developers, you make a difference.

I’m still around is the song we chose because of its positive affirmation despite, intense loss, and in the face of heart break and abandonment we fight the good fight. I’m still around is song with a simple and personal affirmation of relevance. It’s says we not just phoning it in we are committed to the reinvention of the band musically. Having been together for 25 years makes us strive to challenge ourselves to revitalize.

For another bandmember’s take on their visit to St. Louis to support Old North, check out this Indio Radio interview with Dan Horowitz of Five Eight as he talks about this Saturday night’s Southeast by Old North St Louis concert (along with some perspective from ONSLRG Boardmember Doug Rasmussen):  click HERE to listen to that online.

Get your tickets now via TicketFly (click HERE).  Tickets will also be available at the door at Plush.


The concert provides yet another vehicle for supporting the ongoing work of ONSLRG as we pursue the mission of revitalizing the physical and social dimensions of Old North in a manner that respects the community’s historic, cultural, and urban character.  For evidence of the progress we’ve made so far, consider the words of Ryan Chester of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, when he was interviewed by the St. Louis Chinese American News about Old North’s Chess Pocket Park:

“It’s just a very festive atmosphere around the whole area, always seems like there’s something going on. There’s music playing, people walking in the streets, people selling food or poetry books - and now people are playing chess.” - See more at:

If you can’t make it to the concert, but you’d still like to offer your support for ONSLRG’s work, you can always make a tax-deductible contribution to ONSLRG online by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shakespeare in the Streets Will Be in Old North in 2015; see what it’s all about Tonight-Sat. in Clayton

A while ago we reported that Shakespeare Festival St. Louis has chosen Old North St. Louis to be the location for their 2015 performances of their popular Shakespeare in the Streets.  If you want to get a good idea of what that will look and feel like, head on out to Clayton to see this year’s play, Good in Everything.

Shakespeare in the Streets is a grass roots theatrical experience that invites St. Louis’ neighborhoods to tell their stories. A Festival-selected creative team leads a neighborhood in developing an original play based on Shakespeare’s works – a play whose themes best reflect the community’s character. Residents contribute to all aspects of production, resulting in three free, live outdoor performances.

This year’s play, Good in Everything, is based on Shakespeare’s As You Like It and produced in partnership with the City of Clayton. The performances will take place on Central between Forsyth and Maryland, September 18, 19, and 20 at 8:00 pm. For more information please visit the Shakespeare Festival St. Louis website,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thank & Meet Our International Volunteers from Volunteers for Peace

We’re coming to the end of our 3-week adventure with 11 young adults from nine countries who are participating in the international service program called Volunteers for Peace.  If you haven’t met them yet - or if you’ve already met them and want to say thank you before they leave, you’ll be able to find them on Saturday as they spend their last day with us working at North City Farmers’ Market.

This year’s crew of volunteers came to us from Brazil, Finland, France, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.

In addition to helping out at the market, our volunteers raked, shoveled and hauled away a lot of weeds, brush, and debris from numerous vacant lots throughout the neighborhood, cleared out some vacant buildings to make way for future rehabs, attended a neighborhood meeting, ate meals at the homes of more than a dozen neighborhood residents, enjoyed an authentic American backyard barbecue on Labor Day, tagged butterflies, and visited a lot of landmarks, points of interest, and destination spots around town.

We thank Dmitrii, Wen-Chun, Vanessa, Lucia, Yui, Elliot, Kubilay, Maria, Ana, Murat, and Ana Laura for all they did to support our work in Old North and for sharing their cultures and traditions with us.

We also extend a special thanks to ONSLRG’s Community Development Specialist Matt Fernandez for taking on the tasks of housing, transporting, and supervising these wonderful visitors.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Join Us on Sat., Sept. 27 for “Southeast By Old North” Benefit Concert

If you like live music and vibrant neighborhoods, we’ve got an opportunity for you to celebrate both:

On Saturday, September 27, 4 great bands/musicians from the southeastern U.S. will come to St. Louis to perform at Plush to support the revitalization of Old North. Participating bands/musicians are:

  • Five Eight of Athens, Georgia;
  • the amazing Hannah Aldridge of Nashville (whose record is currently charting #35 on Billboard Americana chart);
  • The Pauses of Orlando, Florida;
  • and Corvus and Canis from Columbus, Georgia.

For more information on the bands, visit our Facebook page for the event by clicking HERE or see the details as posted on the TicketFly site by clicking HERE.

100% of ticket profits go to benefit the work of Old North St. Louis Restoration Group.

Get your tickets now by clicking HERE.

Would you like to provide even more support as a sponsor of the concert- and get incredible benefits, such as introducing one of the bands from the stage and getting listed on promotional materials?  If so, click HERE for Sponsorship Information.  We are very grateful to the following businesses and individuals for their sponsorship support:

  • American Bank of Missouri
  • Bissinger’s Chocolatiers
  • Hilliker
  • Equifax
  • Green Street Real Estate Ventures
  • Husch Blackwell
  • Better Life
  • Clark Properties
  • Ford Hotel Supply
  • Strategic Capital Advisors
  • Hany Abounader
  • Patrick Reilly
  • Joe Schlafly
  • Mighty City Music Management
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You Can Support “SNAP 2 It Double Bucks” Program to Bring Healthy Foods to Families in Need

4 Days Left to Donate to SNAP 2 IT Double Bucks!

While our very own North City Farmers’ Market prides itself on providing healthy produce at affordable prices, many of our patrons on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or more commonly known as Food Stamps) still find the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables prohibitive. In an effort to address this, we’ve partnered with many other regional farmers’ markets and Saint Louis University’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics to bring a unique concept called Double Bucks to the North City Farmers’ Market.

Currently, our market has an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) machine so our low-income shoppers can spend their SNAP benefits at our vendors’ booths. A patron comes to the information booth, runs their card through the machine, and is given coins to be spent at the market. The coins can be used at any market day, so if a person does not spend them all in one day, they can come back and spend them the following Saturday.

Here’s how Double Bucks works: A patron using SNAP benefits comes to the North City Farmers’ Market and runs their card through the EBT machine.  Let’s say they run their card for $10. Under Double Bucks, they immediately receive an additional $10, thus doubling their purchasing power at the market!

This is not an experimental concept. Double Bucks programs exist throughout the United States. This program has been in operation for only a few years but has been enormously successful at markets in Kansas City and Detroit, helping low-income shoppers gain access to healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables and helping markets grow and expand. In just a few years the Beans and Greens program in Kansas City grew from 2 markets taking SNAP to over $150,000 in double bucks at 15 markets! By bringing this to the North City Farmers’ Market, our shoppers will be able to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables and our vendors will see an increase in sales. Everybody wins.

To launch and sustain the Double Bucks program in St. Louis, we’ve created an Indiegogo campaign to help us fund this new endeavor. You can show your support by donating here at Snap 2 It! Help us reach our goal of $3,000 by August 15th!
We are 75% of the way there and it’s time for that last push. We need to earn $750 by this Friday August 15th to reach our Indiegogo Campaign Goal. SNAP 2 IT will help North City Farmers’ Market patrons using EBT increase their spending power. This will benefit patrons who’ve found the cost of produce to be inhibiting and it will benefit our vendors who will enjoy more revenue and more visitors to the North City Farmers’ Market.

Your support will help our market grow and it will help many residents of Old North gain improved access to fresh and healthy food at an affordable price.  Click HERE to go to SNAP 2 IT! Double bucks program for food stamps to donate and learn more. And remember, the market has 10 more Saturdays for you to come and get some delicious food, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. right in the heart of Old North, at Crown Square!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

THIS EVENING (Wed., July 16): Opening Reception for Sylvester Jacobs Photography Exhibit at ONSLRG Gallery

Please join us this evening (Wednesday, July 16) for the opening of our latest exhibit at the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group Gallery (adjacent to the ONSLRG office), 2700 N. 14th Street.  The exhibit entitled ”We Are of the Same Essence” features the photography of Sylvester Jacobs.  Sylvester has been capturing images of the people of the community and various neighborhood events that reflect the character and spirit of Old North for many years now.  This new exhibit will include just a sample of Sylvester’s collection.

The opening of the exhibit coincides with the latest installment of the “So Reel” film & discussion series, a collaboration between Old North St. Louis Restoration Group and YWCA of Greater St. Louis.  This month’s topic is “Healing Racism Through the Arts.” That program will start with a brief video at 6 p.m., which will be followed by a discussion.

A reception from 7:30-9 p.m. will follow the program.  The program is free and open to the public. All are welcome, including residents of Old North and friends of the community, and anyone interested in the topic and / or just curious about the exhibit.  Sylvester Jacobs will be present to share his thoughts about the exhibit and looks forward to the chance to engage in conversation about his work and the vibrant and diverse community reflected in his exhibit.

The program is generously supported by Regional Arts CommissionArts & Education Council, and Missouri Humanities Council.


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