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Friday, December 20, 2013

THANK YOU to All Who Made the “Holidays in Old North” Festival & Craft Fair a Great Success

With a bumper crop of vendors, free photos with Santa, refreshments, holiday carolers… and wonderfully wintery weather outside, the 2013 edition of our Holidays in Old North Festival and Craft Market was a great success this past Saturday.

We extend a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Old North St. Louis Restoration Group to the following:

-Burns & McDonnell for their generous financial support;

  • Firecracker Press, 14th St. Artist Community, and Rise for serving as hosts for vendors and activities within their spaces (along with ONSLRG’s gallery) at the heart of Crown Square;

Eric Woods of Firecracker Press (above) was happy to show off their new space in Crown Square.

Eric Woods of Firecracker Press (above) was happy to show off their new space in Crown Square.

Holiday shoppers at Firecracker Press (above).

Holiday shoppers at Firecracker Press (above).

  • All of our volunteers from the neighborhood & beyond, including Thom Fletcher, Linda Quinn, Curtis Berry, Al (Chris Umbertino’s brother), and Eileen Cheong for facepainting;
  • Crown Candy Kitchen for donating candy;
  • 3 A-capella groups from St. Louis University: Astha A Cappella, Bare Naked Statues, and Decadence;
  • Our current interns at ONSLRG, including Eric Bablinskas, Alex Durdello, and Chris Umbertino;

Interns Eric, Alex & Chris join Claire Wolff, ONSLRG's Community Engagement Specialist, and Matt Fernandez, ONSLRG's Community Development Specialist, for a staff photo with Santa.

Interns Alex, Eric, & Chris join Claire Wolff, ONSLRG's Community Engagement Specialist, & Matt Fernandez, ONSLRG's Community Development Specialist, for a staff photo with Santa.

  • BONU (Businesses of Old North United) and Equifax for sponsoring free photos with Santa by Photomaton;
  • Einstein Bagels and MacArthur Bakery donated breakfast for vendors and volunteers;
  • Matt Fernandez of our staff for clearing the sidewalks;
  • Sylvester Jacobs for donating his time to be Santa;
  • and Larry Perlmutter of Rise for providing us with most of the photos above, along with Photomaton and Rene .

And thank you to all who attended!  Happy Holidays to All!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Please Join Us for Upcoming Community-Enriching Events & Celebrate the Holidays in Old North

Old North is a thriving community with active neighborhood residents and a full schedule of events and activities to strengthen relationships among neighbors and help the community become even more vibrant.  Come on out to the following events to see all of this in action:

Wednesday, December 4 at 6 p.m. for the next installment of our So Reel film and discussion series.  The topic for this month’s “interactive and reflective conversation about race” is the school to prison pipeline.  Please note that this event will be a pot-luck - so bring some food to share, but don’t let that keep you from attending if you don’t have time or ability to bring anything.

Thursday, December 12 at 6:30 p.m. for our next Neighborhood Open Meeting. Watch for more details later about the featured guests and topics for discussion.

Saturday, December 14, from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. for our 3rd annual Holidays in Old North Festival and Craft Market.  This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever, so please come on out to be a part of this great holiday tradition - and spread the word to all of your friends, neighbors, and others.

In addition to the approximately 50 vendors spread throughout 4 buildings at the intersection of N. 14th Street and Montgomery, St. Louis ArtWorks will also be holding their annual holiday art sale at 2707 N. 14th Street.


And, watch for the premiere issue of our new Old North community newspaper! This paper will be hand-delivered to all households in Old North and available for pick up at ONSLRG’s office and select neighborhood businesses.  We’ll post the content on later.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

THANK YOU to All Who Are Making the Revitalization of Old North St. Louis Possible

Happy (slightly belated) Thanksgiving to all of the residents and friends of Old North! As we finish the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we want to express our thanks to all of the people who work with or support Old North St. Louis Restoration Group in the pursuit of our mission to revitalize the physical and social dimensions of Old North in a manner that respects the community’s historic, cultural, and urban character.  We especially thank the following:

Members of ONSLRG’s Board of Directors, who take on responsibilities above and beyond most non-profit boards, including volunteering for numerous neighborhood cleanups, vacant building board-ups, garden work, setting up for and/or staffing a table at the North City Farmers’ Market (not to mention growing some of the food sold there), opening their homes for the annual Old North House & Community Tour, talking to the media, running meetings, lining up bands for fundraising events, designing flyers or preparing for layout program booklets, and inviting neighbors to attend many of ONSLRG’s programs and events.

ONSLRG Staff, who put in long hours and a lot of hard work on a wide variety of tasks that don’t quite fit into anyone’s job description and still manage to deal with whatever comes through the front doors on a daily basis.

Interns and Practicum Students, who make it possible for us to implement so much more than our full-time staff could have time to do, and bring great energy, creativity, and skill to work that sometimes may not be the most glamorous or exciting.

Volunteers - from high school and college students to international service organizations and corporate employees - these groups are too numerous to identify by name, and they come all year long to help with a multitude of work, including neighborhood clean-ups, beautification and tree-planting projects, work at North City Farmers’ Market, other special events, and so much more.  Thank you to all!

Partners and Collaborating Organizations bring additional resources and skills to the table to support ONSLRG’s comprehensive, neighborhood-wide revitalization strategy.  Again, this category includes too many groups to name them all here, but we especially thank our Crown Square development partners, Rise (formerly RHCDA); Equifax, for recruiting help from Rebuilding Together to design and build improvements to the Crown Square corner plaza at St. Louis Avenue & N. 14th Street; the City of St. Louis and Washington University for bringing the Sustainable Land Lab competition to Old North; the Episcopal Service Corps for making it possible for us to bring Eric on board as an intern and to launch a new “street team” community engagement initiative; multiple parties who have been involved with North City Farmers’ Market; St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for assistance with our launching of the Old North Neighborhood Ownership Model; Community Builders Network for helping us strengthen our relationship with other community development corporations around town; and so many others…

Donors and Investors

Although we get a lot of great work out of volunteers, interns, neighbors and partners, ONSLRG still needs funding to cover other organizational expenses and to have a full-time staff.  Funding comes from a diverse mix of sources, including many individuals, but we owe a special thanks to major donors, Equifax, Bank of America, Rise Collaborative Support Grant, U.S. Bank, Covidien, United Way’s small grant program, Burns & McDonnell, and all of our sponsors and contributors who supported the house tour, trivia night, benefit concert, and holiday market.  [We'll provide a full acknowledgment of all funders as part of our annual report at the end of the year.]

New Programs Still To Come:

We also need to acknowledge new programming still to come.  For instance, VerbQuake, a program initiated by M.K. Stallings, who had been an intern at ONSLRG long ago, received support from Incarnate Word Foundation’s Marketplace of Ideas grant program.  This poetry workshop series will get under way in 2014.

**  And, of course, the Current, Former, & Soon to Come Residents of Old North

None of ONSLRG’s work would be possible without the people who call Old North home.  This group includes many individuals who have been recognized in other categories above, especially our board, volunteers, and contributors, but it also includes many who contribute to the revitalization in a variety of other ways.  Some show up regularly for events, others offer words of encouragement, or shop at the farmers’ market or other neighborhood businesses.  All contribute in one way or another by just being a part of the community, adding life to the streets as they walk their dogs, take their children to the playground, mow their lawn, help a neighbor with home repairs, and watch out for each other.

We even have future residents of the neighborhood willing to speak up on behalf of Old North.  One such individual who is planning to buy a property to rehab and move into the neighborhood recently took the New York Times to task for an article that portrayed the entire north side of the City of St. Louis as if it were just one big neighborhood, rather than a collection of different neighborhoods with unique sets of circumstances in each.

No list of things to be grateful for would be complete without thanking Crown Candy Kitchen for 100 years of tasty treats and service to Old North - and for continuing to bring visitors, customers, and prospective residents and business owners to the community by the busload!

Thank you again to all!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Baseball, Indie Rock & Neighborhood Revitalization

Welcome to St. Louis, baseball fans!  As the World Series returns to the best baseball town in America, we invite all visitors to stop by to see the revitalization in progress in the Old North neighborhood, which is just a mile and a half north of Busch Stadium.  (OK, for those of you who think St. Louisans are being a bit too boastful these days about how great the fans are here, keep in mind we’re pretty darn good at putting ourselves down most of the time.  Shouldn’t we brag about something? Especially if it’s true?).

So, what does the World Series have to do with Old North St. Louis?  First, baseball is a sport that embraces history and tradition… and food.  The same could be said of Old North.  In fact, it’s a tradition among many long-time St. Louisans (and former St. Louisans when they’re back home for a visit) to make a pilgrimage to one of our city’s most historic eating establishments, Old North’s own Crown Candy Kitchen, at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and N. 14th Street.

And if you don’t believe us, just ask Jimmy Fallon, who visited Crown Candy just a couple weeks ago and shared his enthusiasm on Facebook. (Oddly enough, Fallon played a die-hard Red Sox fan in the film, Fever Pitch, which featured actual footage of Fallon and his co-star, Drew Barrymore, at the old Busch Stadium when the Red Sox played the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series.)

While in Old North, you may get a chance to enjoy the musical talents of Jamaica Ray, who often entertains the line of customers outside Crown Candy with the sound of his steel drums and keyboard.  You also may notice other products of Jamaica Ray’s talents - a whole variety of custom-designed mannequins standing around in front of Crown Candy or across the street at the Crown Square corner plaza.

Ray was recently on the street working on finishing touches to a mannequin being prepared for an upcoming event featuring St. Louis comedian/civil rights activist Dick Gregory.

Ray was recently on the street working on finishing touches to a mannequin being prepared for an upcoming event featuring St. Louis comedian/civil rights activist Dick Gregory.

The cool and attractive scenery at the corner of N. 14th and St. Louis Avenue - from the historically rehabbed buildings to the inviting plaza and stage - is just a sampling of the visible outcomes of an ongoing neighborhood-wide revitalization strategy being pursued by Old North St. Louis Restoration Group (ONSLRG).  As a community-based non-profit, ONSLRG relies on the passion, energy, and commitment of determined neighborhood residents, along with the financial support of a whole range of neighbors and friends of the community.  And on that note, you can help ONSLRG continue this award-winning revitalization by making a tax-deductible contribution right now or simply by going out to enjoy a fun evening of great music next Saturday, Nov. 2.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, ONSLRG will be the beneficiary of a concert at Plush (3224 Locust) featuring the talents of legendary indie rock band, Five Eight of Athens, Georgia, and the opening band, Last to Show First to Go (with Old North resident, Phil Valko, and other long-time friends of Old North).   You can purchase tickets online RIGHT NOW via by clicking HERE.

Seriously, folks, Old North St. Louis Restoration Group really needs your support! Our work covers a broad-range of initiatives which demand a lot of staff time to plan, coordinate, and implement.  Even when we successfully recruit a lot of good volunteers to help with these efforts, the recruiting, deploying, supervising, and managing volunteers requires staff time.  And, since we like to pay our staff for their long hours and hard work, we need funds to pay those salaries.  And since some of our previous supporters have experienced financial crunches of their own and have had to cut back on previous commitments, we need everyone who appreciates the progress achieved in Old North to pitch in with their financial support.  We’ve received a lot of awards and compliments for our work (and we really do appreciate that encouragement!), but those kind words and shiny plaques don’t help us cover our rent, utilities, supplies, and salaries.  So, if you want us to keep Old North moving in the right direction, buy as many tickets to the Five Eight / Last to Go First to Show concert as you can afford (by clicking HERE) and/or make a financial contribution online right now by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Community Development Rocks! 3 Reasons to Go to Benefit Concert for ONSLRG on Sat., Nov. 2

November 2 is right around the corner, so get your tickets now for the Community Development Rocks! benefit concert featuring the critically acclaimed band, Five Eight, and the locally loved band, Last to Show First to Go.  Proceeds from this benefit will help Old North St. Louis Restoration Group continue the good work of revitalizing the physical and social dimensions of the Old North neighborhood in a manner that respects the community’s historic, cultural, and urban character.

If you’re wondering why you should buy as many tickets as you can afford for the Nov. 2 concert, we offer a few reasons to think about:

(1) Great music

According to NPR’s All Songs Considered, Five Eight is one of the top five bands that should be way bigger than they are.  St. Louis fans of Five Eight - and many who are just getting to know them - are excited about the rare opportunity to see the indie rock veterans in the Gateway City.  The band has agreed to travel all the way from Athens, Georgia, to perform at this benefit for ONSLRG.

Although Last to Show First to Go is a local band - which means you may have seen them before and likely will get many other opportunities to see them - it’s worth pointing out to those unfamiliar with them how good they are.  Here’s one review by Annie-Rose Fondaw on KDHX:

“On first listen, Last to Show First to Go appears to have its roots down in the landscape of heartland rock ‘n’ roll. Lead singer Bredon Jones’ earnest, earthy vocals lie simply against a backdrop of acoustic guitar, drums and vocal harmonies, all bolstered by a double bass. Yet as each song unfolds, it’s clear that Last to Show First to Go has a flair for genre-bending. From Jay Lewis’ rippling cello arpeggios to Miriam Keller’s jazz-infused trumpet, the band embraces a wide variety of sounds and textures. And lo and behold, they pull it off. What could easily veer into a trite modernization of the down-home Americana genre instead becomes a singular, engaging sound.”

(2) A Really Cool Venue

Plush, located at 3224 Locust between Compton and Grand, has earned a reputation as one of the hippest, hottest, coolest (or whatever term you’d use for the highest level of a positive experience) venues for food, drink, and live music in St. Louis.  One recent review on Yelp described Plush as “as good at it gets,” while a review in the Riverfrtont Times last year was headlined, “Plush is the most ambitious drinking, dining and dance establishment St. Louis has seen in a decade.”  Get your tickets now to check out Plush in person on Saturday, Nov. 2.  And, if you can get there for dinner before the concert, be sure to mention that you’re there for the Community Development Rocks! concert to get a special deal on the meal.

The photo above is by Kate McDonald from St. Louis Magazine’s 2012 “A List” issue, which included Plush among their “Night Life” awards in the “Dinner and Dance” category.

(3) And, of course, a chance to support a Great Cause

When you support ONSLRG, you support the cause of urban core revitalization implemented in a manner that respects the community that lives there.  The best way to respect the community is to pursue their vision and to involve them in the process of making that vision a reality.  That’s what ONSLRG has been doing since it was created by residents of Old North in 1981.  Everything ONSLRG does is rooted in a desire expressed by community residents.  That’s why ONSLRG has taken on…

the preservation of historic properties - from small, single-family homes to to multi-family, rental buildings to large, institutional buildings, such as the Mullanphy Emigrant Home…

coordinating a farmers’ market in the heart of Old North since 2007 to bring healthy & affordable foods to the neighborhood…

Hosting theater, film, photography exhibits, and other arts programming…

Beautifying Old North through tree-planting, community gardens, supporting other green investments, and regular neighborhood-wide clean-up days

Improving neighborhood safety by establishing a police substation at Crown Square, hosting neighborhood watch trainings, and coordinating implementation of the City’s “Neighborhood Ownership Model”…

Bringing residents together regularly to plan, discuss, and review ideas or proposals for development in Old North…

Plus, all sorts of community-building social events, and so much more!

In addition to supporting ONSLRG by buying concert tickets, you can also buy raffle tickets at the concert or before!  ONSLRG’s tireless intern, Chris Umbertino, has lined up some phenomenal prizes for a raffle drawing that will take place at the concert.  See the flyer below for details.

Raffle tickets will be sold at the concert, but you can also purchase them in advance - either in person at the ONSLRG office or online. Just follow the link below for online contributions - and make a contribution along WITH a note in the comments/special instructions or other notes section to alert us that the purpose is for raffle tickets in your name.

We’d love to get as many people out to Plush on November 2 as we can get to support ONSLRG and to show our appreciation for the generosity of Five Eight, Last to Show First to Go, and Plush; and we’d love it if you could purchase a large pile of raffle tickets as a way of letting the prize donors know their contributions were worth it.  However, we also are willing to accept good, old-fashioned direct contributions straight to Old North St. Louis Restoration Group.  We can accept contributions in whatever form you’d like to send us:  cash (please not through the mail, though); checks (which can be dropped off at our office or sent by mail to 2700 N. 14th Street, St. Louis, MO 63106); or by credit or debit card - either in person at our office or online via PayPal by clicking HERE now or by clicking on the image below.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday Evening in Old North: Join Us for PARK(ing) Day and RHCDA’s Pop-Up Street Party

Don’t worry, the rain will be gone by 4 p.m., so plan to come on out to enjoy a fun-filled evening in the hear of Old North St. Louis as we celebrate two great events:

PARK(ing) Day

From 4- 6 p.m., several metered parking spaces near the intersection of St. Louis Avenue & N. 14th Street will be temporarily converted to mini parks or community gathering spots as Old North celebrates PARK(ing) Day.  This year marks the first time Old North will be participating in the annual, worldwide event where artists, designers, and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.  Parking spaces will be adopted and transformed for a few hours by Jamaica Ray, Ye Ole Haunt, La Mancha Coffeehouse, and the 14th Street Artist Community.  The Divoll branch of St. Louis Public Library will also utilize a space for a banned books exhibit.  Come on by to see how these spaces take shape!

Be sure to share your plans to attend by visiting the Old North PARK(ing) Day Facebook event page by clicking HERE.

The Post-Dispatch took note of Old North’s plans for PARK(ing) Day in their article on the various PARK(ing) Day events that will be taking place in St. Louis.  That article can be found online at STL Today by clicking HERE.

RHCDA’s Pop-Up Street Party

From 5:30-10 p.m., the 2600 and 2700 blocks of N. 14th Street will be transformed into one big street party as our Crown Square development partners Regional Housing & Community Development Alliance (RHCDA) will put on what they’re calling their 1st annual Pop-Up Street Party. Highlights of the event will include:

  • Happy Hour starting at 5:30 p.m.
  • musical performance by Vote for Pedro (from 7-10 p.m.)
  • local micro-brewery beers and wine-tasting
  • street performers
  • neighborhood business showcase
  • a chance to win an iPod shuffle, and
  • a special announcement about RHCDA’s new name & brand

The street party is free and open to the public, so help spread the word to all who might enjoy a fun evening in the heart of a great, historic neighborhood.  Click HERE to visit RHCDA’s facebook event page for other updates and to post your plans to attend.  For more information contact Larry Perlmutter at 314-333-7008 or

The photo above is courtesy of the Spaghetti Midwestern blog from the Vintage Street Market this past spring.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

ONSLRG’s Latest eNewsletter Is Out with Info on Lots of Upcoming Events

If you haven’t received our latest eNewsletter in your in-box yet, click HERE or on the image below to view it online.

If you know of others who are interested in what’s going on in Old North but aren’t subscribers, please forward this on to them - and if you know of neighbors who don’t have internet access, please print a copy and pass it along to them.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mark Your Calendar: Fri., Sept. 20 - RHCDA’s Pop-Up Street Party at Crown Square

On Friday, September 20th, the Regional Housing & Community Development Alliance (RHCDA), our co-developers of Crown Square and partners on other projects within Old North, will hold what they’re calling a “First Annual Pop-Up Street Party” on N. 14th Street at Crown Square.

Come on out to join us for a fun celebration in the heart of Old North, with great music, food, entertainment, and much more.

Details of the event are listed on the flyer above.  For more information, contact RHCDA’s Larry Perlmutter at 314-333-7008 or by email at  This event is free and open to the public - so help spread the word to other friends of Old North, fans of neighborhood revitalization, and supporters of good times in the city.  No reservations are required, but if you’ve got a Facebook account, be sure to visit RHCDA’s Facebook page for this event (click HERE), and click on “join” to let them know you plan to be there.

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Images from a Vibrant Community - Part ?

On many occasions we’ve posted photos showing the before and after conditions of buildings that have been transformed from crumbling eyesores into beautifully restored homes or mixed use buildings.  The preservation and redevelopment of historically and architecturally significant buildings represents a very important part of the Old North story.  And we intend to do a lot more of that.  However, that’s only part of the revitalization in progress throughout Old North.

Old North St. Louis Restoration Group’s mission statement calls for the organization to revitalize the physical and social dimensions of the neighborhood because a vibrant and sustainable community requires more than just attractive buildings and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.  Consequently, ONSLRG spends a lot of time and energy on a broad range of activities that nurture the relationship-building aspects of community development.  The following images illustrate just some of that work as it took place this past Saturday.

Putting the “Open” in Old North’s Neighborhood Open Meeting

On Saturday, ONSLRG held our regular neighborhood meeting outside on the corner plaza at N. 14th & St. Louis Avenue as a way of taking advantage of the wonderfully cool late July weather and to draw more people to the meeting.  Meeting topics included an update from our Gateway Greening AmeriCorps Summer Associate, Sara Stagg (see below), on plans for the National Night Out Celebration scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 6 at the 13th Street Garden; a presentation by representatives from Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) about the recently dedicated “Old North Rain Garden” at N. 14th & Clinton (and watch for a separate blog post about that in the next day or so); a presentation by Natasha Ramey about plans for the Old North St. Louis Foreign Language Lab and Art Gallery at 1323 Hebert; and an introduction of our new 5th District Community Liaison Officer, Quianna Dickerson.

Sara Stagg discussed plans for National Night Out.

Sara Stagg discussed plans for National Night Out.

Stephanie Woods and Natasha Ramey were on hand to discuss plans for the Old North St. Louis Foreign Language Lab and Art Gallery.

Stephanie Woods and Natasha Ramey were on hand to discuss plans for the Old North St. Louis Foreign Language Lab and Art Gallery.

MSD representatives provided tours of the new Old North Rain Garden at N. 14th and Clinton.

Live Music at Crown Square - for North City Farmers’ Market and Crown Candy’s Line of Customers

Musician Atum Jones of Kreative Pandemonium performed on the Crown Square corner plaza stage.

The usual line out the door of customers waiting to get in at Crown Candy Kitchen got to enjoy the entertaining sounds of Atum Jones, followed by the music of Jamaica Ray.

Yoga… and Other Developments at the Sustainable Land Lab Lots

ONSLRG practicum student Jagat Acharya led a yoga session at the Mighty Mississippians’ Sustainable Land Lab lot at 13th & Montgomery.

Meanwhile, the corn is coming in rather nicely at the back part of the Mighty Mississippians’ lot.

Photo courtesy of Sunflower+ Project: stl Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Sunflower+ Project: stl Facebook page.

The Sunflower+ Project at 1318 Warren continues to draw visitors and neighborhood residents to check out the sunflowers - or to help out.

13th Street Community Garden

It wouldn’t be a Saturday without work going on at the 13th Street Community Garden, where garden regulars Nick, Thom, and Ross found time to take a break from gardening to swap updates on what’s blooming these days.

North City Farmers’ Market

And the highlight of every Saturday in Old North is the North City Farmers’ Market.

Jamaica Ray's "Officer Mannequin" stands watch at the corner of N. 14th and St. Louis Avenue, next to the market sign created by Caleb Hauck.

Jamaica Ray's "Officer Mannequin" stands watch at the corner of N. 14th and St. Louis Avenue, next to the market sign created by Caleb Hauck.

And speaking of the North City Farmers’ Market, we are a bit behind in acknowledging and thanking the Riverfront Times blog for their great coverage of the market on July 19 in Zach Garrison’s Gut Check Guide to all things food-related.

The whole piece is worth the read - and you can do so by clicking HERE - but here’s one of our favorite lines:

“The North City Farmers’ Market is, without a doubt, the little engine that could, operated by the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group, whose overarching goal is to bring vivacity and excitement (and fresh veggies!) to a neighborhood looking to make a comeback.”

Thanks to all who make Old North such a dynamic, friendly, and sustainable community.

If you’d like to help ONSLRG continue the work of revitalizing Old North, please make a tax-deductible contribution today by clicking HERE or the button below.

Friday, July 5, 2013

North City Farmers’ Market Music Series Profiled on STL Public Radio; Come See (& Hear) For Yourself!

Today’s Cityscape program on St. Louis Public Radio featured a story by reporter Erin Williams about this year’s music series at North City Farmers’ Market.

To listen to the story online, or just to see the pictures they’ve posted, click the link HERE to be taken to the St. Louis Public Radio page on their report about the music series at North City Farmers’ Market.

In the meantime, come on out Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of the market.  Perhaps you’ll even get a chance to jump rope with a carrot.

L.B. Johnson was the featured musician of the week on June 8.

L.B. Johnson was the featured musician of the week on June 8.

The entertainment at this week’s market will come in the form of music by Coco Rico and dancers from Lindy Hop St. Louis.

And be sure to pick up some ingredients that would allow you to prepare the latest recipe presented by our intern, Jazmin Richardson on the North City Farmers’ Market blog.  This week’s edition of “What’s Cookin’ with Jazmin” features plums and can be found by clicking HERE.  If you’d like to discuss this further with Jazmin, look for her at the market on Saturday - or on many Thursday evenings over at the Whitaker Urban Evening concert series, presented by Grace Hill in St. Louis Place Park.  Jazmin and Shenika often wander the crowd to promote the market and Old North Grocery Co-op (as shown in the photo below from the June 20th concert).

This week’s market will also play host to the Truck Farm, which is described as a mobile community farm and a public art and education project, sponsored by slow food St. Louis.

Yet another good reason to come out Saturday: support the initiative and social activism of one of Old North’s favorite 10 year olds.  Nolan will have a lemonade stand to raise funds for the Whaleman Foundation, an agency focused on ocean conservation. So, stop on by for a good cause and to thank Nolan for doing his part to save the whales.

We’ll llook forward to seeing you all at the market!


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