Friday, April 19, 2013

Thank You to All of Today’s Volunteers

We’re in the midst of last minute preparations for this evening’s Trivia Night for North City Farmers’ Market and the 13th Street Community Garden, but we first would like to thank all of the volunteers who joined us today and put in hundreds of hours of hard work on neighborhood improvement projects that otherwise would have taken us weeks to complete.

It all started with the St. Louis Rams, who then reached out to Monsanto.  Eventually, we ended up with about 100 outside volunteers who came in to work in multiple teams led by ONSLRG staff and board members and neighborhood residents.

The following are just some of the photos of the hard work put in by these generous individuals.  Click HERE to see more photos in our Volunteers folder on our Facebook site.

Thanks to the assistance of the employee-volunteers from the St. Louis Rams and Monsanto, and other volunteers from Old North (and our practicum students Kristin and Becky), we were able to get new street trees planted along Montgomery and N. 13th Street, a trench dug and a new irrigation system installed at the 13th Street Community Garden, the garden’s storage shed got pointed (and much other garden work got done), weeds got pulled at Wingmann Park, and we even were able to get tables and chairs moved down the street and set up in the former Sobel Dept. Store building in time for this evening’s trivia night.  Thank you again to all for all of your help!

Later we’ll be posting a big thank you to all of the volunteers who are working at this very minute to make it possible for the trivia night to happen!

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"Thank You to All of Today’s Volunteers"


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