Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Joy of Community Building - Neighbors Pitch In at 13th Street Garden & Future Co-op Building

For those who doubt that sustainable neighborhood transformation can happen on a grassroots level, a visit to Old North St. Louis this morning would have provided enough evidence to turn any skeptic into a believer.  Although a large chunk of cash would be helpful, Old North residents are contributing some of the key elements of thriving communities that money can’t buy:  determination, commitment, passion, and sweat equity.  The return on this investment: visible, physical improvements and a stronger sense of community.

Armed wih work gloves, goggles, rakes, shovels, and sledge hammers, residents of Old North headed to the 13th Street Community Garden and the building that will house the Old North Grocery Co-op.  While the younger participants played ball, rode bikes, and occasionally helped plant a seed or two, the more mature volunteers took on a broad range of tasks related to cultivating and tending the garden that will produce fresh vegetables and fruit for the North City Farmers’ Market and dinner tables throughout the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, inside the building in the background in the photo above, the “Macho Action Group” was busy preparing the space to accommodate the Old North Grocery Co-op…

Work will continue in the garden throughout the spring and summer all the way through final harvest in October.  As the photos above suggest, there still is a lot of work to finish prepping the co-op building. To volunteer for future garden and building improvement days, call the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group at 314-241-5031 or send an email to

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"The Joy of Community Building - Neighbors Pitch In at 13th Street Garden & Future Co-op Building"


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