Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Holiday Celebration of Real Revitalization in Action

In honor of the Independence Day holiday, let’s take a moment to celebrate the very real successes that have come forth from citizens working together to create and pursue a vision for their own community.  This has been the case in Old North St. Louis in recent years, where the community has crafted and led several different but coordinated neighborhood revitalization initiatives with the support and investment of resources from numerous partners who respect the importance of the people and existing assets of the community.

The results of this approach are undeniable and can be seen throughout Old North St. Louis.  The following before & after photos provide just a sampling of the very real achievements of the Crown Square revitalization, a redevelopment currently in progress that represents the fulfillment of the community’s desire to preserve and develop the irreplaceable historic buildings that have been long-neglected, while also providing high quality, mixed-income housing and bringing back commercial and retail services.

If you happen to run into family or friends at a holiday gathering, or strangers at a fireworks show, and someone questions whether anything positive is happening on the north side of the city, please feel free to refer them to this site where they can see for themselves the great things happening in Old North St. Louis.  Or better yet, invite them to join you for lunch at Crown Candy where they can see all of this up close and in person.  In the meantime, have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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"A Holiday Celebration of Real Revitalization in Action"


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