Friday, December 26, 2008

ONSL at Top of List of Neighborhood Success Stories

Once again Kaid Benfield, director of the Smart Growth Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, has used his blog to heap some praise on the revitalization under way in Old North St. Louis.  Kaid’s latest blog posting provides his list of the top 11 “very favorite smart, livable places that are contributing positively to the environment, as I’ve written about them over the past year.”   And guess which neighborhood he mentions first?  Topping the list is Old North, along with one of our pictures of Crown Candy and the line of customers stretching out the front door.

Kaid explains ONSL’s inclusion on the list by repeating his positive comments that he used in his original post about Old North in June of this year:

“Every now and then I run across a story that is so good, that feels so right, that I thank my lucky stars for the freedom NRDC gave me to evolve my career into working for better, more sustainable communities.  This is such a story, and it reveals an historic, diverse, inclusive neighborhood that is reclaiming its identity, restoring its infrastructure, empowering its residents, and securing its future . . .”

The full list of neighborhood success stories, including Kaid’s comments about ONSL, can be found by clicking on this link to Kaid Benfield’s 2008 List of Favorite Places.

One of the reasons Old North is catching the attention of people who care about nurturing sustainable neighborhoods is ONSL’s growing list of formerly collapsing, vacant buildings that have been transformed into attractive residential properties.  Among the recent examples of this achievement is the building at 2817 N. 14th Street, just a few doors up from Crown Candy.

2817 N. 14th Street in 2007

2817 N. 14th Street in 2007

2817 N. 14th Street in 2008

2817 N. 14th Street in 2008

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"ONSL at Top of List of Neighborhood Success Stories"


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