Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St. Louis Magazine Shines Spotlight on ONSL Again

The April issue of St. Louis Magazine is out - and once again the good editors at that fine publication have pointed their spotlight in our direction. As part of their annual “real estate round up” (as the front cover describes it), there is a whole page dedicated to Old North St. Louis in a section on “The Next Neighborhoods.” The introduction by Thomas Crone notes that “we dialed up a range of real estate insiders across the region and asked what neighborhoods we’ll be hearing - and speaking - more about in the coming years. Here are seven.”

The article includes a nice plug for this very blog; mentions the $35 million redevelopment of the 14th Street Mall (Crown Square); refers to the “interesting blend of new housing and historic structures;” and even describes ONSL as “the intriguing North City neighborhood,” which they also declare “a bankable bet, with a mix of old-timers and energetic newcomers making the nabe click.”

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Welcome to the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group's blog. What's New in Old North chronicles the dramatic transformation under way in the neighborhood of Old North St. Louis. As a neighborhood just north of Downtown St. Louis, Old North is becoming a dynamic urban village of new and historic homes, a landmark eating establishment, beautiful community gardens, and a diverse, friendly, and engaged community.

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