Sunday, March 2, 2008

3 Days & Many Sides of a Comprehensive Revitalization

The past few days have offered glimpses into several aspects of the comprehensive revitalization under way in Old North St. Louis.

A crucial piece of the positive transformation of Old North St. Louis into a dynamic and sustainable neighborhood involves the residents working together to address and resolve the types of issues that affect all communities. ONSL takes this approach through a number of community-building events and activities which allow residents to get to know and build relationships with each other and through Quality of Life meetings held roughly every other month.

On Thursday evening, residents and stakeholders of the neighborhood gathered at North Market Apartments community space for the February Quality of Life meeting facilitated by North Market Place homeowner and ONSLRG’s newest Board member, Kathryn Bentley. Those in attendance heard from Kabrina Forrest, Coordinator for the Family Court Juvenile Division’s Neighborhood Accountability Boards, an innovative, community-focused response to juvenile delinquency. Kabrina reported that ONSL doesn’t have enough incidents of juvenile delinquency to qualify for a new N.A.B., but residents can support and become a part of other Boards that have been established in other neighborhoods. Also on the agenda were updates from the residential and commercial leasing agents for Crown Square, and a report from Kathy Woodard, the city’s Neighborhood Stabilization Officer assigned to ONSL.

Above: Kabrina Forrest discusses Neighborhood Accountability Boards

On Friday and Saturday, the focus shifted to attracting new residents to add to the neighborhood’s diverse and active population. With an open house for new and rehabbed homes for sale on Friday evening, and an open house for rehabbed apartments at Crown Square on Saturday, ONSLRG continues to support efforts to offer housing options for anyone desiring to be a part of the community, regardless of their stage in life and position along the economic spectrum.
Above: visitors to 1412 Hebert admire the kitchen.

Another key component in ONSLRG’s rebirth is strong leadership by residents of the neighborhood, and that was evident over the past few days, as well, with Board members out in force at all three events, to meet their neighbors, greet prospective residents, and share their enthusiasm for the neighborhood.

Above: ONSLRG Board Member Nate Sprehe & his wife Kathy stopped by several of the open houses to show their support.

Below: CAMCO leasing agents Todd Whiteaker and Valerie Henry showed prospective renters around 1314 Warren while ONSLRG Board Secretary Johnnie Owens and member Kathryn Bentley were on hand to answer questions about the neighborhood.

Above: ONSLRG Board President Tino Ochoa and newest Board member Kathryn Bentley outside 1314 Warren.

Below: Karen Heet, ONSLRG’s Real Estate Development Coordinator, greeted visitors at the apartment at 1310 Warren and answered questions about the neighborhood and the Crown Square development.

Below: ONSLRG Board Treasurer Phil Valko stopped by to see the apartments and put in a few good words about the community.

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