Monday, May 7, 2007

Gardens and Green Spaces of ONSL

Day 36 of “45 Days in Old North”Above: the Hebert Community Garden will be one of the sites on the Old North St. Louis House & Community Tour this coming Saturday.

The comprehensive neighborhood revitalization being carried out by the community in Old North St. Louis involves much more than building and rehabbing homes. Among the neighborhood’s assets are ONSL’s many public and private green spaces. Some of these have been around from the earliest days of the community’s existence, as is the case with Jackson Park, the second-oldest public park in the City of St. Louis. Others are more recent creations, where residents have established community gardens on the sites of vacant lots left behind when buildings have been lost. The following photos illustrate ONSL’s physical beauty as cultivated and maintained by neighborhood residents.

Above: this side garden in the 1200 block of North Market will also be on the tour.
Above: the triangular Wingmann Park, between Blair, Wright & Dodier, is named after the late Jeanne Wingmann, a beloved long-time teacher and volunteer at Ames School.Above: the Ames School Butterfly Garden is the result of collaborative efforts between Old North St. Louis Restoration Group and Ames Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School.
Above: many of the community gardens and public green spaces have benefited from outside volunteers who work with community residents (as the SLU Alpha Phi Omega students did on April 28), with tools and resources from Operation Brightside, and ongoing support from groups such as Gateway Greening.

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