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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Preservation Online Features ONSLRG’s Efforts to Save Mullanphy
Historic preservationists across the country have been alerted to our campaign to save the Mullanphy Emigrant Home, thanks to a story on Preservation Online, The magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation: Mullanphy Story.

The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group is all set to take ownership of the building this coming Thursday — and we still need financial support from any and all who care about the history of the City of St. Louis, the redevelopment of historic neighborhoods, or the preservation of historically and architecturally significant landmark structures. For more details, check out previous posts from October 19 (Act Today) and September 24 (Save Mullanphy).

-posted by Sean Thomas

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Recognition for a “Super-charged Community Organization”

The Post-Dispatch editorial staff has taken note of the positive development taking place in Old North St. Louis. Today’s paper had only one commentary piece from the editors - and it didn’t have anything to do with the upcoming election or the unbelievable World Series victory by the St. Louis Cardinals last night. Instead, the Post dedicated more than half of its Opinion page to an editorial with the title of “Hope in Old North St. Louis.”

Jim Gallagher of the Post’s editorial staff deserves credit for taking the trip one mile north of the Post-Dispatch building to see in person what is going on in Old North St. Louis - and to gather quotes from residents, including our very own Jane Smith. Jane commented, “I love it here. There’s such a strong bond among the people,” and pointed out the neighborhood’s proximity to downtown: “We can look at the panorama of the downtown lights at night. It’s unbelievable.”

Above: happy North Market Place homeowners Bruce & Jane Smith

The editorial also refers to ONSLRG as “the super-charged community organization” and quotes Barbara Geisman from the Mayor’s office as saying ONSL has “the most important ingredient” for successful revitalization: “a strong neighborhood group committed to its rebirth.”

The full story can be found online at: Post-Dispatch 10/28 ONSL editorial

Friday, October 20, 2006

ONSL Revitalization in the News

The Post-Dispatch had a positive story in today’s paper about the revitalization in progress throughout ONSL. (The article can be found online at: Post-Dispatch 10/20 ONSL article)

The article makes reference to “the reconstruction of five historic brick buildings that had pretty much fallen apart.” To help illustrate the full meaning of that reconstruction, we’re providing before and after views of the back side of 1440 Monroe:

So, for those who question whether the Mullanphy Building (see the past two postings below) can be re-built, just take a look a few blocks north for pretty darn remarkable examples of what can be accomplished with the right resources and the commitment to getting it done.

-posted by Sean Thomas

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Act TODAY to Save A Landmark
Line drawing by Pat Hays Baer from archives of Landmarks Association

As noted in the most recent posting, the Mullanphy Emigrant Home building at 1609 N. 14th Street (just a few blocks north of Downtown St. Louis) is in need of urgent stabilization and repair work. To prevent further deterioration or collapse, the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group needs to receive financial contributions to cover the costs of shoring and rebuilding the south wall. This work will need to start almost immediately after ONSLRG takes ownership of the building, which could come as early as next week. Too many of our city’s landmark buildings have been lost before preservationists or concerned citizens could get involved. This effort represents a chance for all who care about the built environment to act before another historically and architecturally significant building is lost.

Tax-deductible contributions - of any amount - can be sent to:
“Mullanphy Emigrant Home”

c/o Old North St. Louis Restoration Group
2800 N. 14th Street
St. Louis, MO 63107
And, you can make an online payment through PayPal:

UPDATE: On Nov. 2, the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group closed on the acquisition of the Mullanphy Building. We are working closely with architects from Rosemann Associates and general contractor E.M. Harris to get the roof shored up and the wall re-built before the onset of dangerous winter weather. We still don’t have all of the funds in place to cover these expenses, so your help in supporting this effort and in spreading the word about the urgency of this campaign would be greatly appreciated!
For more information, contact the ONSLRG office by phone at 314-241-5031 or via email at:

-posted by Sean Thomas (


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